Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Activity

A Post from Gina:

Saint Patrick’s Day is always a fun holiday for our family. Since our oldest was about 3 we started trying to catch the Leprechaun to get to his pot of gold. The idea came from a Family Fun magazine article. So, through the years we have been setting different traps.

This year both our 3 yr. old and 6 yr. old collaborated to devise a plan that would freeze the Leprechaun, so he would drop his pot of gold! Our plan was to entice the Leprechaun with a sweet cookie treat and then freeze him with a pile of ice disguised with green coconut grass!

We made Rainbow and Shamrock cookies out of sugar cookie dough and painted the uncooked dough with food coloring. After baking the cookies we continued to decorate with icing and sprinkles. Once the cookies were finished we set-up our trap.

We used a big platter and placed an upside down bowl in the center. Next, we filled the tray with ice and sprinkled green coconut on top of the ice cubes to disguise them. Finally, we placed a plate with the enticing cookies on top of the bowl.

We set the tray in the center of our kitchen table and for an added surprise we placed 2-sided tape circling around the outer edge of the tray. This was a precautionary measure in the event that the Leprechaun made it off of the tray successfully; he would get stuck on the tape!

The kids had a fun time brainstorming with the different trap ideas and are already thinking of next year.

Some other fun things we like to do for St. Patrick’s Day are making green pancakes for breakfast and playing our Irish music. For dinner we will have Green Spaghetti Noodles and make Green Irish Soda Bread.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

What are some of your favorite St. Patty’s Day traditions?


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I'm just a mom who wants to share fun times and fond memories with my little men before time wisks them away into the men they are to become. I hope you find some activities and ideas here that you can share with your precious ones too.
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