Rock Bugs

These rock bugs were a fun little craft that my boys and I did the other day when it was too hot to play outside.  It’s pretty self explanatory but here you go:

First I gathered the supplies:                  acrylic paints, paint brushes, wiggly eyes, super glue, paper plates, a splat mat, and the boys picked a few rocks out of the garden.

The splat mat is just a shower curtain that I bought at the dollar store to use for messy projects.

Next, we started painting our rocks:

Once the rocks were painted with the base coat we put them outside to dry.  When they were completely dry we brought them back in to decorate.

When we were done painting and the paint dried we used super glue and glued the wiggly eyes on. 

When our bugs were done we took them outside and hid them in the garden for Daddy to find when he got home.  The boys loved it and could hardly wait for him to search so they could show him what they had made.


About ActivitiesWithKids

I'm just a mom who wants to share fun times and fond memories with my little men before time wisks them away into the men they are to become. I hope you find some activities and ideas here that you can share with your precious ones too.
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