Bug Ice

With Halloween coming up, I wanted to do something fun for my little guys.  Every once in awhile it’s fun to surprise them with something different, something that they won’t expect.  This idea is super easy.  It doesn’t take much time and uses things that you’ve probably got laying around the house.

You’ll just need some little plastic bugs, or for Halloween you can use those black spider rings, and an ice tray, or in my case some Dixie cups.  Wash the bugs then drop them in the bottom of your ice tray.  Fill the tray with water and freeze.  Then when your kids, or spouse, least expects it drop one of the bug filled ice cubes in their drink.  Surprise!

My boys are going to love this!  I’m sure I’ll be making more than one batch of these fun little bug and spider ice cubes before Halloween.  This would be really cute for a Halloween party too.


About ActivitiesWithKids

I'm just a mom who wants to share fun times and fond memories with my little men before time wisks them away into the men they are to become. I hope you find some activities and ideas here that you can share with your precious ones too.
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