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I'm just a mom who wants to share fun times and fond memories with my little men before time wisks them away into the men they are to become. I hope you find some activities and ideas here that you can share with your precious ones too.

Candy Buttons

The boys were both home from school today so we took the opportunity to make some candy buttons, sometimes referred to as candy dots.  With the boys help they took a little over half an hour to make. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Spooky Orange Pomanders – A Halloween Craft

I found this fun idea over here at Eighteen25. My boys had a lot of fun creating their spooky oranges.  My older son was able to create his all on his own, my younger son needed more help but had … Continue reading

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Hairpin Ghost

What you need: Plastic lid, or something similar Hairpins Scraps of black, or dark colored paper Thread White glue Scissors Widen the hairpin to create the outline of the ghost.  Tie the thread around the top of the hairpin. Set … Continue reading

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Bug Ice

With Halloween coming up, I wanted to do something fun for my little guys.  Every once in awhile it’s fun to surprise them with something different, something that they won’t expect.  This idea is super easy.  It doesn’t take much … Continue reading

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Rock Bugs

These rock bugs were a fun little craft that my boys and I did the other day when it was too hot to play outside.  It’s pretty self explanatory but here you go: First I gathered the supplies:                  acrylic paints, … Continue reading

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Peep Nests – An Easter Treat

The kids and I just made these fun Easter treats, another great Easter activity with kids. Ingredients include: white chocolate (Bakers chocolate or white chocolate chips) thin pretzel sticks Peeps Chicks Melt the white chocolate in the microwave until smooth, … Continue reading

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Wax Easter Egg Activity

This is a really easy Easter activity with kids that leaves you with a fun Easter decoration. First gather your supplies: Crayons pencil sharpeners old towels wax paper an iron scissors Next, lay one towel flat on the counter and … Continue reading

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